1.   Ranea.


60 million years, Tuna Kuwharuwharu. The Kaitiakitanga of our river, live in peace.

The most mysterious fish on this planet lurks in the depths. Methylated spirits and turpentine transfer of a photoshop image to harakeke paper.

The harakeke paper was handmade by myself and has been used as a symbol of respect to te ao Māori.


2.   Fake Hinaki.


After Europeans came to New Zealand, Te Tuna kuwharuwharu have seen a rapid decline in population. Fake Hinaki is a multi-layered print depicting the current threatened position of Tuna Kuwharuwharu. I have recreated what would be the view into a hinaki, respectively reflecting the present state of colonialism upon Aotearoa river condition. Mimicking a simple weaving pattern with paper to represent a hinaki. A Photoshop image was methylated spirits and turpentine transferred onto the weaving. Lastly, a coat of shellac was brushed on as the colour closely resembles dried harakeke.


3.   Lifeless.


A Postcolonial prediction of the slaughter of

Eels by the society. Current conditions for the eel are no longer life supporting. A species 60 million years old, gone. Brought to life through the use of a failed harakeke paper attempt turning good. The paper has a rough lumpy texture with the inclusion of dirty debris, translating to the future state of our rivers. Soft methylated spirits and turpentine transfer of an eel lays in the distorted

paper, lifeless.


4.   A river without Eels.


Instructions for Destruction.

Methylated spirits and turpentine transfer to harakeke paper.