A person who is mentally ill (not in technical use).

An extremely foolish or eccentric person.

"this lunatic just accelerated out from the side of the road"


Maniac, Madman, Madwoman, Psychopath, Psychotic.


Mentally ill (not in technical use).

"a ward of lunatic old ladies"

Using a 7x10 grid, I control the pace of the book through consistent flow lines in each
respective part.

Part 1 draws attention to the etymology of lunatic. Lunatic made its place in history between the years 1250–1300; and respectively attributed to the lunacy effect. The belief that the full moon caused intermittent insanity.

Part 2 is a guide of the lunar cycle accompanied by the legend of the Werewolf. Using the rising moon, I have generated a perception of insanity in contrast to the stages of the lunar cycle. Philosophers, Aristotle and Pliny the Elder argued that the full moon induced insane individuals with bipolar disorder. On the night of the full moon, all sanity is lost reflected through the use of multiple fonts mirroring that of various personalities.

Although ‘Lunatic’ entered the English language in the mid to late 13th century, the book takes its place in the 16th century following the story of Peter Stumpp and the Werewolf of Bedburg.

Compiled as A3 spreads (420mm x 297mm), saddle stitched with silver thread on 128gsm silver
paper stock.

Using negative images the white would not print leaving exposed the silver paper stock, this combined with a black body colour allowed me to create the visual identity. The sparkle from
the silver paper imitates the glow of the full moon among the night sky. The cutouts add a
multi-dimensional character like that of space.

Supported by Franklin Gothic, a large family of realist sans-serif typefaces developed by the type foundry American Type Founders in 1902 and credited to its head designer Morris Fuller Benton.
The design is clean and readily legible, and its weight strikes a balanced harmony, making it perfect for both acute and lighthearted content, and everything in between.

This book is intended for the user, looking for a typographic exploration of the etymology of ‘Lunatic’ although applicable to anyone of reading age.